Markus Schwalb


Since 2011 Markus Schwalb is a trained Audio Engineer, Techno Producer, Live Performer and Sound Designer. With 4 Album Productions, countless Single, Remix and Sample Pack releases there is a huge experience in mixing down, analyzing and producing audio material. 



The personal next step as a trained Engineer was Mastering. After some mastering work for friends and colleagues in the scene. Mastering became more and more attention to the daily work. 



Now we are happy to introduce a new Mastering Service by Structure! 

Tobias Schwarz is a studied audio engineer (Bachelor of Recording Arts Honors), musician and producer located in Mannheim, Germany. Since 2009 he worked in several recording studios all over Germany and engineered, produced, mixed or mastered more than 60 Records. 


Since 2013 Tobias is a part of the RAMA Recording Studios in Mannheim where he offers full music productions in a big recording environment. Markus and Tobias share the same love for analog gear and chasing the golden frequencies, so joining the STRUCTURE Team just made sense.

With his Experience in Mixing and Mastering Tobias offers Full Mixing and Stem Mastering services.

Vocal Recording and Additional Production is also possible if needed.